Mr. Manoj Sharma

Mr. Rajpal Singh

We, Lavie Care Pvt. Ltd., are a group of young and dynamic direct selling professionals.  It is providing a thriving environment by adapting the technologies and systems of the New Era to make life better through entrepreneurship opportunities for everyone.  It is being led by Mr. Manoj Sharma and Mr. Rajpal Singh, who have successfully completed more than two decades in the direct selling industry.  They’ve also trained millions of direct-selling professionals and transformed their lives.  As aspiring youngsters, they’ve really worked hard to start their journey from being ordinary distributors to becoming a few of the most successful leaders in the industry.  After more than two decades, they've determined that the direct selling industry is the best business opportunity for aspiring young people in the twenty-first century.  In February 2021, they gave their idea a shape and founded Lavie Care Pvt. Ltd., which is the best platform "of the people" and "for the people" in the direct selling industry.

We are determined to give a quality life to the youth by providing them the true spirit of entrepreneurship through the direct selling model under the umbrella of "Lavie Care Pvt. Ltd."  At Lavie Care, we have made it simple for anyone to become successful by partnering with us by wisely utilising the best source and proven, time-tested distribution system, all while being duly supported by capable and eminent leadership.  Lavie Care is the final destination for people who are real dreamers and are committed to succeed.  Lavie Care Pvt. Ltd. has brought research-based, high-quality, result-oriented, one-of-a-kind products that have helped many people transform their wellbeing and health after extensive R&D.